Monday, September 12, 2011

My week

There are times when I don't feel like I've accomplished anything and yet, still feel busy. This past week was one of those weeks.

I made some banana blueberry bread for my friend's birthday and for someone else with some more blueberries I foraged.

I created this really yummy dish for breakfast. I have this slicer that looks like a vegetable peeler but has sharp blades sticking down into the slit (if that makes any sense). As you pull down the veggie, it actually turns it into angel hair size strips. I did that to a cucumber, added some quartered cherry tomatoes and added 2 eggs fried over medium and mixed it all up so it could be coated by the slightly liquidy egg yolks. Yum!! The only down side was that it was cold.

Adam began working on th counter. He plans on having the countertops completely finished and backsplash put up by the time I get home from Utah in October. He's getting ready to work on the sink counter area. The sink is cast iron and weighs almost more than two men can lift. He already has the faucet and garbage disposal hooked up to it and doesn't want to ruin anything so the easiest thing to do is to hoist the sink up into the air and let it hang there while he works. He's got a winch chained to the scaffolding. So, for a little while, I have to deal with that in my kitchen. Not until I leave, I hope! I've really let the kitchen get messy since that thing went up. It's just hard to work around and even getting a load of dishes done is very inconvienent.

Tucker is always doing something to make us laugh. He loves to cuddle while he sleeps and he will actually pick up a toy and put it where he wants to lay so he can sleep with/on it.

Saturday is laundry day for me so on Friday, I spray all of Adam's nasty clothes with shout and hang them on the deck to dry. I know the label says to not let it dry but it seems to work better if I let it dry before washing. And when I go to actually hang a load on the line on Saturday, the dogs all peek their heads out of the deck slats to watch me. Bear was down below watching me. It's really cute when they all get close together and do that.

And finally, some of my most favorite recent bargains. Last weekend, I went on a futile pants search. I spent over 5 hours the weekend before looking for a pair of pants and didn't find any. Then last weekend, I spent over 3 hours. Still nothing. I was ready to cry and so frustrated!! So when I came across this queen sized quilt (the colorful one) for only $10, brand new, in the package, I had to buy it. It's made with older looking fabrics and seems to be pretty good quality. The smaller quilt I got from a thrift store for only $6. It's homemade, looks completely handsewn, a little worn on the edges and stained lightly here and there. It's a twin sized quilt. I really love both of them.

I also got to go for a couple bike of them was to get the last of the veggies that I posted in the last pic and the other was a 40 mile ride on Saturday. I'll post about that next.


Us said...

I LOVE Tucker's face! Those are great pictures. The one of the dogs sticking their heads out is really cute and the picture of the clothes line is really well done. I love the depth of field and the placement of the lines!!

You're pretty busy before your trip.

Heather and Thomas Mann said...

I have one of those julienne peelers too... but I don't use mine very often. Cute pics of your kids! And I agree with Jared about the clothesline shot. cool! Hope Adam gets lots done while you are here visiting! So excited to see you!

Andrea said...

Nice pictures! Neat baking and the veggies! Cast iron sink....that is wonderful! love,andrea

han smith said...

The style and shape of your sinks creates a big impact on the overall appear of your residence bar.

Tiff :o) said...

Thanks for the compliments. :o) And Jared, I love Tucker's face too. :o)

Yes, here's hoping he gets a lot done...actually, here's hoping he's just able to get the sink reinstalled before the end of the week so I can do some dishes.

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