Saturday, January 1, 2011

New year, new goals

Another year has gone by, quicker than the last, it seems. Funny how the older you get, the faster the years go by. I want them to go slower now....

Anyway, It' the time of year to make new goals for yourself. I thought I'd take a minute to do just that.

Last year I made some goals for myself. They were:
1. read the Book of Mormon
2. eat healthy
3. exercise 3 times a week (not counting dog walks)
4. socialize Tucker
5. keep my house cleaner
6. be able to do one pull up by the end of the year

I have accomplished 1 & 6 (though I could at one point in the spring, I can't do a pull up right now). I did 2, 3 & 5 really well at points and really not so well at other points though this was a pretty good year, I think. 4...well, I gave it a shot and decided that with how much negative exposure he gets walking with the other dogs, there's just no way I could get out enough with him to combat sadly, I have resigned to having another dog who doesn't like other dogs.

So this year, I will make a few more:
1. read the whole triple combination
2. ride 1500 miles on my bike (probably too much with no tour planned but we'll see...
3. reduce the sugar I eat
4. I won't get an overdue fees at the library (I'm horrible at that!)
5. finish painting/glazing the bathroom cabinets
6. start a garden
7. get my clothes line set up
8. get the basement organized

Ok, looks like a long enough list. I can do it!

I hope everyone's year has started off well so far and that it gets better as the year goes on!


Valerie said...

Looks like a long list to me! Hope your year is productive and fun!

Stella Andes said...

I like your list and hope you will be able to accomplish all you have set out to do. I laughed about the library overdue fines, but only because I should probably have had that as a resolution/goal when we went to the library so often.

Us said...

It looks like 2010 was a pretty successful year for you! Good look with this years goals! Im sure you'll do great!

Michael Mercer said...

Sounds good! Quantify the reduce the sugar one a little bit so I can follow up on you next year!

Tiff :o) said...

I can't really quantify since I have no idea how much I had this past year...and the likelihood of actually being ale to count the grams of sugar I eat this year is lower than low...but as long as I'm aware of it and trying, then I'll be able to lower that number since I eat way too much! As soon as I quit paying attention is when I eat half a pan of brownies in a day.

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