Thursday, January 13, 2011

First ride of the year

Just a couple of days before the snow hit, I went for a 4 hour ride. The high was 40 degrees and the wind was horrible. 4 hours was too long after 3 1/2 months off the bike but it's all good. I had a good time, even if my toes were ready to fall off from the cold!

I rode past Rabbit Hill Park and saw the newly finished (at least since the last time I biked by it) dog park. Makes me wish I had a dog I could take to one...but don't worry I will NOT be adding another dog to the family.

I made my way to some nice, lonely roads.

Found a sumac stand. These would have been nice to find in the fall when I was looking for some to pick.

I crossed over into Auburn and found a small park. Looked pretty nice from the road.

I made my way onto a dirt road. Sometimes it was so smooth, I wondered if there was pavement underneath but then a few feet later, it was riddled with wash boarding that was so harsh to ride over. Not too many cars on it though so it was very enjoyable.

Sadly, lots of people used the side of the dirt road as their personal dump. Someone must have gotten sick of it and put up a sign.

I felt like calling to see if I could find someone to pick me up the last hour because my toes hurt so much. I stopped and wrapped grocery bags around my toes trying to keep the wind from making them any colder. It didn't do much but I finished the ride without calling anyone. Now that I've been snowbound all week, I am looking forward to being able to get out and take another ride.

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