Thursday, February 11, 2010

More deocrating

Staying home from work yesterday (and again today) allowed me to do a little decorating in the time I wasn't feeling like I would fall asleep at any moment but never did. I am actually feeling ok...just so tired from not getting the sleep I need. I had a spurt yesterday where I wasn't feeling too tired and was able to get up off the couch. So I went over to Barry and Lanette's. They have some frames they got from a friend who's framing shop went out of business. She said I could have some if I wanted any. I took a couple. I played around with different combinations and ended up wih a very large one and an oval one. The oval one is Lanette's favorite (and mine too) but I told her that if she ever wanted it back, she could have it back right away. I don't plan on putting anything in it so it will be really easy to get it back to her if she does want it back.

In the unpacking I found a box of shower curtains, valances, table toppers and a runner. I haven't gotten rid of any of them because I love them all even though I have no use for shower curtains in this house or any we've lived in since our furst house. So I figured that if I like them so much, then they should be out. But where to put them all?

Well, we return to the frames. I knew I wanted them on the cabinets and was toying with the idea of leaving them both blank frames. But an idea came to me. I decided that a crocheted tablecloth that I loved and used for a few years would go perfect in the large frame. It's a square tablecloth and my table is round so I was never really happy with how it worked with my table. I hot glued the tablecloth to the large frame. I was going to staple it but decided gluing would be easier. The oval frame, like I said, is being used empty and I really like how it turned out. It hardly took any time at all to boot...which was good because my energy level was/is extremally low.

closer up view of the frames and table cloth

The runner and two table toppers (draped over the two sides of the entertainment center are now sitting on top of the unit and some hydrengas are lying on top of that. I think I want a basket for the hydrengas to go into. I'll have to wait and see what baskets I still have when I come across that box. We'll see. I think I got rid of most of them.

Then, the last place I used the table toppers was on the small bookcase in the living room. It holds some books of course, but also holds a statue of the SLC Temple and a frame I got for Christmas. (I still need to get a picture in the frame.) The toppers need to be ironed since they were folded up for four years but that would take too much energy right now. The one on the bottom is actually for the night stand I made in middle school but since that's in the basment until the remodeling is done, I decided to go ahead and use it here so I wouldn't have to go dig it out later. So there you have it...the little bits of work I was able to accomplish in my tiredness.

And writing this post has wiped me out again so I am off to bed to hopefully sleep some more.


Valerie said...

Thanks for sharing all your decorating with those of us who won't get to see it in person for who-knows-how-long. I love it all. Very creative thinking with the frames. It fits your style perfectly and is gorgeous.

Stella Andes said...

Really pretty, Tiff! Thanks for taking the pictures.

Heather and Thomas Mann said...

Sorry you've been so sick! It looks so good. Glad you are getting your home looking the way you want it. Super cute!

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