Thursday, February 25, 2010

"I ran out of vases."

Last ngiht I was exhausted. I was going to go to bed before the olympics coverage was over for the night but while I had the tv on mute, they showed the women warming up on the ice. Well, I thought they were warming up...they were just practicing. So I stayed up until midnight thinking that they were coming on any minute. I think the figure skating is on tonight. Oh well...I'll have to catch them online another day since tonight Adam and I are celebrating our anniversary by going out to eat, then bowling. Adam hadn't come home by the time I crawled into bed. (He didn't get home until after 4 this morning...poor guy.)

This morning, I snoozed my alarm once and fell back asleep. Then Adam came upstairs and woke me up by tickling my face with a rose. While he had placed a vase of roses next to the alarm clock so I would see them, I was too bleary eyed both times I went over to the alarm and didn't notice them. He pointed them out to me before I went downstairs. They smelled good but since it was dark in the room, I didn't get to see them. I came back up with the camera after Adam had fallen asleep and snapped a picture so I could see them. The pink rose in front of the clock is the one he woke me up with. I guess I should have put it in the water. Whoops. I was too tired to think about that. He told me the vase was my old shell vase. He said "I ran out of vases" but it sounded to me like he said they ran out of vases.

Then, I walked down the stairs. Our bedroom has blackout curtains so Adam can sleep during the day but downstairs it was pretty light and I could see everything. On the table was 5 boquets of flowers. I think they were originally 4 boquets but Adam ran out of vases (now I uderstood that he said "I") so he had to improvise with a couple of Stanley thermoses which have small openings. So pretty!

Then, I walked into the bathroom to continue getting ready. On the counter was one more boquet! Wow, I haven't gotten that many flowers in all my life prior to this added together!

I don't know if Tucker would have eaten them or not but I didn't want to take any chances so he and Jasmine were left outside this morning.

It was really cold this the 20's. I walked outside and felt a little guilty about leaving the dogs outside even though they never seem to care what the temps are as long as it's dry which it is today. I almost slipped into my car but there was another dozen roses threaded through my steering wheel. So I ran upstairs and grabbed the scissors and a jar so I could get them in some water when I got to work. No picture of those roses since I was already running late. They're a little worse for wear since they were sitting in the freezing weather for a while but they're now in water on my desk at my office.

I think someone loves me. :o)

On an aside...did you know roses float? Adam also placed a rose with about 2 inches of stem on my purse. I'm guessing it was because it was too short to stay in the vase and he didn't really know what to do with it. It was already wilting from lack of water...probably hadn't gotten any water in the bag either since the end was completely dry. I filled a cup up with water and placed it on the water so it could drink some. It just floated in there. It would be really pretty to have some floating in a bowl on a table.


Us said...

Holy cow! What's he trying to do to men folk around here? He's raised the bar quite a few notches! Really pretty roses and you deserve them. Have a great anniversary.

Heather and Thomas Mann said...

what a sweet surprise! Happy anniversary!

Valerie said...

I hope your celebration was fun! That's an amazing amount of flowers!

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