Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy birthtmonth Jasmine and Jack

We got Jasmine in April 2003. She was 2 months old. She had a lion's mane and was so docile but a pretty thing, almost as big as Bear full grown already. Poor Jasmine, really got gnawed on by Bear while he learned what his limits with her were. Over the years, I have really appreciated her calm attitude, especially in comparison with Bear and Jack. If she wants atenntion, she just wags her tail and looks at you with a happy look on her face. She doesn't like a lot of attention so when she wants it, I want to give it to her for as long as she'll let me. She can only take a couple of minutes worth before she'll get up and walk away. She's a great biking partner and I have enjoyed getting to know her abilities and smarts in a way I didn't know them before. This year she'll be 7 and she shows no signs of slowing down yet.

I got Jack in February of 2004. We don't know his exact age but when I foung him, the vet said he estimated him to be 1 year old and they're pretty good at getting the age from their teeth so I say he was born in February too. Though Jack has been hard to deal with sometimes, he has brought a lot of laughs into our home. He can be intense about certain the moment you finish eating and set your fork down on your plate, you had better share something or he'll start whining right away. Or, when he wants attention, he'll stand in front of you and bark, and bark, and bark until he gets the attention...but you have to work for it. You can't just reach out and pet him...he'll back away. He wants to be held. So you have to get up, pick him up and bring him to the couch where he likes to lay in the crook of my arm upside down and be loved on for a while. He loves to shake hands now. He's still pretty lazy but runs a good bit when we're out with the other dogs. Jack will also be 7.

Jack and Jasmine have been good play mates. Tug of war is the game of choice since Jack won't play with toys, really. But they also like to play fight and both Jack and Jasmine are pretty good about quitting when the other one wants to...unlike Tucker.

Happy birthmonth, guys!


Us said...

Do they get a cake? Or an extra big doggie biscuit?

Tiff :o) said...

Adam bought them a couple toys. He bought a really big tennis balls. That's Jack's only kind of toy he'll play with on his own. He chewed on it for a couple of minutes but that was it. And he bought a tug-o-war toy as well. Jack and Jasmine and Jasmine and Tucker play tug-o-war quite often. We've never gotten a cake for them...sad life as a dog, huh?

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