Monday, March 9, 2009

Our house in Georgia

So, for all of you who have never seen our house in GA before, here is how it looked when we moved in 5 years ago. Keep in mind, it was a foreclosure so it had a lot of problems. We had to tear out all the flooring, walls and ceiling in the basement and start over because of mold. All the panes of glass that were broken were replaced, every room was repainted. We've done a lot of other work on it but they are things you probably can't see in the pics. So here is what I have right now.

Main bathroom...this was the first room I redid in the house. I peeled off the wall paper, mudded, sanded and painted the walls, painted the cabinets & doors, I even cut the new flooring (but Barry laid it for us). All the tubs/showers (3) in the house were leaking badly so they all had to be fixed, as well as the ceilings below each drain.

The kitchen, obviously. The walls have been painted, the stove and dishwasher have been replaced.

The basement. I wasn't sad about losing the walls down here.

This is what you see when you walk through the door. The fireplace divides the living room, dining room & kitchen.

The front of the house. We had someone come out to look at the tree and it was going to cost $500 to remove but he said it is in really good condition so it shouldn't fall. There were 4 pear trees on the side of the yard and they all collapsed during an ice storm but this one held up strong with only a couple of small limbs breaking off so I think he was right.

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Valerie said...

Wow! How did I not notice how tall that tree was when we visited you? Cool!

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