Monday, March 9, 2009

Our goings on

Well, I have been pushing through my boxes to get rid of things I feel I would have no sadness with letting go. I sold almost my whole colections of fabric (not including my wool) this past week. So, that cleared out a bunch of boxes, about 20 in total now.

I took four boxes of books to a book shop to see if they wanted to buy any but they only wanted 4 or 5 books so I sold them. Unfortunately, the book shop is a really nice one, not like Pioneer Book. They don't have any book stores like that here.
I'm still struggling with my chest cold. It kept me up most of the night last night. I fell asleep with a cough drop in my mouth and woke up in time to feel it fall out of my mouth into my hair. I had to find and pick out 3 pieces of cough drop in the dark. Poor Adam didn't get very good sleep either between me tossing around and coughing. The dogs really can't wait until I feel better so they can go on a walk again.

I went to the volunteer orietation classes at the Humane Society so I can start doing my volunteer hours for school. They have a prison dog training program. Bad dogs go to the prison and the prisoners take the dogs and retrain them. (Maybe I should Bear and Jack there?) Anyway, a batch of dogs have just finished the prison program and they all have potential owners lined up. So on Saturday, I will be a handler for one of the dogs. There will be a trainer that comes in and talks all about what the dogs can now do, how to act with them so that they don't revert and show everyone how to keep the training going. It's 2 1/2 hours and I'm really looking forward to doing that. I just hope I can breathe right by then.

Adam had a phone interview today for a position in Atlanta (same position he's doing out here) and they offered it to him. It will start at the end of April. So he will actually end up moving down before me now. I have to stay to finish up the schooling. We have really been wishy washy about this move. While we both felt like it was the right thing to do, neither of us want to go back. We really tried to figure out what to do. Well, a job in Atlanta hasn't been available since we left, really. So when Adam found this job that is not only in Gwinnett but also on the ATM team which he wanted, he applied right away. He only found the job listing this morning so things have moved extremally fast!!! I guess this is Heavenly Father's way of telling us we need to listen to him when we already know what he wants us to do. Adam has his vacation next week and so we will spend the week getting boxes and things packed and loaded in the trailer so he can take a trailer load down during his vacation days. Good thing the house is empty down in GA.

I have been working on a reflector for my bike trailer so we'll be more visible. I still plan on adding some blinking lights to it but I've finished with the reflector part. I was going to line up the reflectors across the "plate" but I decided to go with a couple of CD's as well for day time visibility. The triangle was on sale at REI for only $4.

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