Saturday, March 7, 2009

I caught my death of cold

Well...I went and did it. Adam was warning me about the weather on one of the days earlier this week. He told me it was snowing in Mountain Home, it was raining in Nampa, hailing in Caldwell. Well, here in Boise, the rain cleared, the sun came out and the streets dried up. So I went for a bike ride. I should have taken my rain gear with me but I didn't. I tried getting home as fast as I could when the skies started turning darker. I had to stop to put on more layers as the temps dropped. I had to stop again to turn my rear light on since it was getting way too dark. Just after that stop, it all started. Sprinkling, then rain, then hail. The hail was pelting my face (the only part of skin that was showing). I had to shield my face with my hand. But then I came to a narrow bridge and had to have both hands on the handlebars. I took it in the face for about 3 minutes. I was finally in my own neighborhood, on the far side of it. The hail slowed down and the rain started back up. I was drenched and freezing. I got home and got into some dry clothes, had some hot chocolate and bundled up under some covers. happened anyway, I got sick and it's no fun. It was a stupid thing I did going out without my rain gear. If I had just been able to stay dry, I'd be ok right now.

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