Monday, March 4, 2013

making jewelry

I spent a week being sick and the last two weeks getting over it.  This past weekend I slept 30 hours!!  I was not able to function.  I woke up on Sunday t go to church but moved so slow I only made it to the last hour, came home and changed back into my pajamas and slept some more.  I am feeling a bit better after that sleep fest but still need more, especially with the way they're working me at work.  They have me working in the warehouse and my boss basically told me today that my job is shifting to be a warehouse worker.  I am not cut out for that anymore.  I've got carpal tunnel from all the pulling I'm doing.  

Anyway, that week/end I was sick, I didn't hardly sleep.  That weekend was the worst of it and I decided to make jewelry to keep my mind off my troubled body.  I ended up making 14 pairs of earrings and 7 necklaces.  That Sunday was our anniversary so to show him I love him, I took a shower and got dressed in something other than pajamas...clothes I would be willing to be seen in outside the home...we didn't go anywhere...but I was dressed, clean and my hair was combed.  That took a lot of effort.  

Here's the original 5 necklaces I made.

Then a shot with all 7 (though you can barely see the white one on the outer edge.

And most of the earrings.

They were fun to make and helped to keep my mind off my sickness.  I was surprised by how much I got done with my brain being turned off.  I already had all the beads and findings so I didn't have to leave the house to make anything...bonus!

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Andrea said...

Your jewelry is so nice! And you made so much! I'm afraid if I were sick I wouldn't have risen above it to do that like you did! You really accomplished alot. It is an effort to dress up to go to church, let alone dress up when you are ill. What a good wife! Hope your job improves minus the heavy work. When you finally could sleep, your body must've really needed that.

Your dogs are so cute. I try to make my dog stay outside...she is just so stubborn. If I were a dog, I'd much rather be outdoors where there is all of nature to look at! My kids tell me I rarely let them I felt kids should be out climbing and running.

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