Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A brightened day

I have been reminded of a simple pleasure of life...receiving a package or envelope from a friend.  As a child, I eagerly awaited letters from my friends I had moved away from...but time passed and we drifted apart.  Letter have been a thing of the past.  But through Flickr and Instagram I have connected with some old-fashioned pen pals.  

I am trying to get better about writing to those who mean the most to me (I have sent out a few but still working on everyone else).  I never have anything interesting to say, it seems so it's easy to not write.  With Facebook, emails, phones, texts (none of which I am good at using) letters seem less about keeping in touch and more about an old-fashioned simple pleasure.  So, family and friends, know I have a goal of writing to each of you at least once this year...even though I have nothing interesting to pass along.  Hopefully it will brighten your day as it has mine!


Anonymous said...

Hi! There is also something neat about a brown paper-wrapped package! I just posted again, starting with a picture of a chocolate pie.

It is not just you, it is everyone who can't see my new posts! Hopefully I will figure it out or something! I look over my settings constantly trying to see what might've changed.

My dog only sleeps....inside or my rabbits are more active to watch.

When winter is will have all your new gardens to tend to and admire!

Anonymous said...

Oh, "other" blog problem. I am going to ignore it. I keep watching for my old blog's name (minus the "of" part) and if it gets available i will use that too and have 2 blogs that are the same.

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