Sunday, August 21, 2011

Adventures in composting

If you recall, we have added a LOT of food to our compost bin. Over 500 jars of old food. It's breaking down. Each time I add more stuff (my kitchen scraps usually) to the pile, the whole ground moves in waves as if it's alive. Kind of creepy. I had thrown in some corn cobs yesterday and again today, I threw one last one in.

This one was taken at around noon. The fresh cob is nice and bright.

This one was taken about 30 minutes later. Now, the whole cob is covered in some kind of larvae.

You need all those insects since they help to break stuff down quicker. All that life means it's very healthy. :o) I'm just glad it's back beyond the dog's yard because I don't want all the flies in my house.


Anonymous said...

Wow..that is like a science experiment! i periodically have flies sneak into my garbage cans and give birth there. not fun to clean out. The county fair, on the last day, had all kinds of mold growing on the bread,pie/cake exhibits! that was a lesson in science too. ha. love,andrea

Heather and Thomas Mann said...

EW! :) But I am glad that your composite is so healthy.

Us said...

Just a little gross. ;) How big is your compost? Are you going to bike the finished product to your garden? ;)

Tiff :o) said...

Jared, the compost bin is 4' x 4'. It's only about a foot deep right now though. It's in my back yard in the a wheel barrow will do nicely.

Heather, makes you want corn, huh? ;o)

Andrea, That's so sad about the cakes and pies...people should at least to get to enjoy them before they get that old.

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