Thursday, March 18, 2010

Free couch

I was coming home from work on Tuesday. I left about 15 minutes early because I was SOO tired. Before I got home, I decided that if I didn't pull over to take a nap, I might not make it home. So I pulled over into a gas station and slept for 30 minutes then drove the rest of the way home. My neighbor has been having new flooring put in and she was outside when I drove by. She was just bringing out the last pieces of her couch and loveseat. She showed me her new floors and she came over and saw our construction zone too. Then I took a look at the couch she had sitting out at the curb and asked her about it. She said I could have it if I wanted it.

So her son helped me get it home. We left it in the driveway. When Adam got home, the first thing he asked me was, did you smell it? She has 4 dogs and 5 kids but that really wasn't what he was talking about. One time Adam picked up a free couch, it was quite pretty and his favorite color, yellow. It wasn't until he got it home that he realized that it stunk to high heaven of cat spray. We left it outside to air out but no amount of airing out would ever make a difference with that kind of smell. He started to cut it up to throw it away but it was taking too long so he decided (unknown to me) to make a bonfire under the pine tree, next to the deck, with the couch. Well, if you've watched CSI or any show like that, you know that couches flame up hot and high and that's what this one did. The pine tree was scorched pretty bad and it freaked Adam out. He thought the house was going to burn down. In the end, it was only the pine tree that got it at all and it survived and I don't think any scorch marks are left these 5 years later. Anyway, I had smelled it and aside from some heavy febreeze useage, it's not bad. We have to steam clean it just to get the chemical smells out of it.

When Jasmine was diagnosed with arthritis, I started to keep an eye out for a free couch on freecycle and craigslist. I wanted something for Jasmine to lay on instead of the hard floor. She doesn't like the reclining sofa or chair because they rock when she jumps up onto them. The other dogs don't care but she won't get on them. I thought that if it gets bad enough that she can't climb the stairs to get to her kennel, she should be able to have something softer to sleep on. It took a couple of days but Adam caught her sleeping on it last night, on her back, with her legs up in the air...that's how she often sleeps on couches. She has missed having a couch to sleep on!

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Us said...

Sweet find! You have a nice neighbor there. I'm glad you found a non-rocking couch. :)

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