Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2nd snow fall this year

Generally, there's only 1 snowfall every year or two here in Georgia but something's been breing in the weather this year and we have had three snow storms this year (not just this winter but in the year 2010). The first one didn't stick. This one was absolutely beautiful!!! It was light and fluffy, like Utah snow. Usually it's heavy and icy and all the branches start cracking under the weight. This was good stuff! You could sled on it or make a snowman. I didn't do either of those things since I was attempting to heal from my cold. The dogs really enjoyed it though!

Adam went out to do his Road Ranger thing that night. He was only planning on a couple of hours but by 1 AM, I hadn't heard hide nor hair from him and I couldn't get a hold of him. Finally, he called me and said he was ok but that he was busy. So I went to bed. The roads iced up and cars were stuck on the interstate so they slept in their cars. GDOT was out trying to get things done but it turns out their trucks weren't ready for such work and they got stuck too. So Adam spent the evening and all night into the morning transporting police officers and GDOT people...and even helping out some people at the same time. In the morning, afer GDOT got the road deiced, Adam drove down the interstate honking his horn waking people from their peaceful slumber so they could get moving. He got home at noon. He had a great time!

In the mean time, the snow was melting. :o( Good for drivers but I wanted to get out and see it. I only got to see what was directly near my house since it was too dangerous to drive.


Valerie said...

Cool photos, as always. I'm glad you got to see some of it before it melted. And I'm glad Adam was okay, being out in it. He really slept in his car? Brrrrr!

Us said...

Wow, as much as I hate snow it looks really pretty! I hope Adam keeps a really good blanket/sleeping bag in his car!

Tiff :o) said...

Adam didn't sleep in his car...he was busy driving around. Everyone stuck on the interstate slept in their car. They were stuck there for over 12 hours over night.

Adam had a survival kit, a 72 hour kit and a sleeping bag in his work van when he was working out there and Idaho but he doesn't have any of that stuff in his truck or van now.

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