Wednesday, March 10, 2010

drying flowers

Sometimes it's handy not having a finished basement. The last couple of nights, I spent too much time tying up all the flowers into bunches so I could hang them to dry. I was going to put tacks in that header board but when I was having trouble getting the tack in the wood, I found a much easier alternative. I tied them up to the dark water pipe just under the floor joists. They're up out of the way. Kind of reminds me of an old kitchen with the herbs drying over the stove...but the boxes aren't as good looking or as quaint as an old wood stove.

1 comment:

Us said...

That's funny, I was thinking it looked like an old fashioned kitchen too. Now that you have several bunches of dried flowers, what do you with them? Debbie used to try her flowers, but hasn't done it since our first place.

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