Friday, September 25, 2009

Visiting the family

For almost a week, I was able to spend time with my family. Sheri watches Aileah, Avi & Itai so I was able to see them quite a bit and Valerie came with the kids a few times so I got to see all the kids really. Aileah is new to this mommy working thing so she wasn't very happy about it but I did see some smiles and hear some laughs in there. Such a little cutie! Avi was saying all kinds of new words and Itai was on the verge of walking when I first came out and was taking multiple steps on his own by the time I left. I let him go the last time and he plunged into the corner of the coffee table. I am SOOOO sorry Jared, Debbie & Itai! I'm a bad, bad aunt. :oHopefully it hassn't kept him from walking some more. The Mendoza kids had fun playing with Elisa's costume fabric and trying on some of Uncle Jon's halloween masks and props. He's got some creepy looking stuff! We also played some board games (Shrek Operation, Ker Plunk and Go For Broke). While I was visiting, Dad was able to get his full time position back with a day off to match one of Mom's days off. Congrats, Dad!

Heather & Aileah

All the grandkids posing for Grandma's new mantle picture.

Sabrina & Aileah in matching dresses

Alex in Aunt Sheri''s fadora

Elisa with alex's glasses

Debbie making sure Itai grows up to be an Andes :o)


A very serious Avi

Avi in Aunt Sheri's fadora

2 Buzz Lightyears!

I finally caught a smile on film!

I have no clue what they are but Jared couldn't look at the pictures. lol

Pretty in pink

Elisa playing with her costume fabric.

Neither one of us were feeling real great on that day.

Mock costume by Aunt Sheri

Avi loves that singing duck! He played with it for a long time.

I just loved that expression on Itai's face! :o)

Little ones everywhere!

Not quite walking yet at this point but in a week he was.

Itai wasn't so sure about sharing his daddy's lap.

Almost got a smile


Us said...

I'm not the only person that thinks those pictures are very nearly the most creepy things on earth! :) Scary. Itai's doing fine now, his lip is healed and he's walking all over the place. You're a very good aunt!

Heather and Thomas Mann said...

love these pics! glad you got to come out. sorry i had to work (and had a sad baby) for most of your time here

Valerie said...

I haven't done anything with the pics of all 6 kids. Oops! Thanks for reminding me. But I did buy a new memory card!! I am free to take pics like crazy now...although not quite as much as you. Mine only has 586 pics. You have some really good pics here!

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