Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rock Springs Park

On saturday, I went to Rock Springs Park for the first time. It's new since I left GA. It has a football field, a playground and this multiuse trail. It's about 2.5 miles long. I brought the bike and Jasmine and her trailer and we went exploring. It is a HILLY trail. It goes through the woods for the first part of it. There's a cable bridge over a creek. Then the trees open up into a field and the hills really show their colors. Wow, that was tough. Jasmine ran for 1.5 miles before I put her in the trailer so she could rest. It was super humid and hot out all morning. WHen I came to a big uphill, she came back out while I struggled to push the bike up. 3 months off the bike and I feel like a slug! Anyway, here are some pics so you can see some more of the landscape here. None of the pictures in the woods turned out. It was too dark in there for my camera.

Those are all lily pads and there were tons of yellow flowers on them but the camera didn't really pick them up.


Valerie said...

Everything is so green and I love the lily pads! And with all that exercise, you're going to cream me again!!

Tiff :o) said...

Nah, this exercise was already counted on this week's won't matter for next week.

That's funny, that's what I thought about Utah right now. The pics from the Devil's Kitchen, from Heather & Tom's hike and a friend of mine hiked up Mt. Timp this week and everything in all the pictures are SOOO green. Has it been rainy there all summer?

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