Monday, August 10, 2009

Biking around

So now that I have been given the OK to join the Southern Utah tour, I have to kick my biking into high gear if I am to have a chance at finishing it under my own power. It was hot and muggy out today. It was in the 90's and it's a red alert smog days which means anyone with lung problems are supposed to stay inside. Well, that's pretty much all of August here and I can't do that even though my lungs were screaming at me to go back inside. I biked to a soccer complex near here. It's got a concession stand and about 12 soccer fields. It was super crowded. Today was the first day of the fall season so kids were getting assigned teams/coaches and getting thir new uniforms. I got water and sat down to watch some practice while the stomach cramp eased up. It did after about 10 minutes so I started back. There were some mean looking clouds out but they weren't too big so I knew I wouldn't get rained on...but it's coming back this week. Wednesday is supposed to be pretty bad. Looks like I get to test my rain gear again this week. Gotta make sure it's all good for the ride.

Horses in their pasture.

Another pasture.

Yet another pasture. That's why I like this route.

So the thing about roads here is that they have to cut down trees to build a road and there is no reason for the roads to be windy but there are very few straight roads here.

I love this just says "home" to me. Don't you think so?

This is the stable across the street from our subdivision. I love that tree. You can't see it in this pic but the branches are shaped so neatly.

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Valerie said...

Lots of green, as usual out there!

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