Friday, November 14, 2008


I love nature, animals, water, rocks, mountains, trees, clouds, snow...pretty much anything but of all of nature, sunrises and sunsets inspire me the most. When I see a beautiful sunset, this feeling of awe washes over me and I think of how much Heavenly Father has given to me. It's weird, I know but a good sunset just inspires me.
Two nights ago, we had a beautiful sunset that lasted for about 30 minutes! I've never seen one go on and on like that. It moved across the sky and even when it got dark out, the colors just wouldn't stop. It was gorgeous and I wish you all could have seen it!

Here's a few pics. I was driving home when I first noticed it. I was thinking it would be over before I could get inside and grab a camera. But it was still going strong when I got home. I took the camera on the dogs' walk with me and got a few more pictures while out.

Pictures never do it justice but still, I love looking at even mediocre sunset pictures.


Heather and Thomas Mann said...

Wow! Those are beautiful! How are you doing up in Id-i-ho :) I love you and miss you!

Valerie said...

Those are gorgeous! It looks a lot like the sunset the kids and I saw on our way up to your house. It lasted quite a while too, but we couldn't get a good photo of it from the car and I didn't want to stop!

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