Thursday, November 6, 2008

A fox in our yard & green tomatoes

The last few nights (always in the dark), the dogs have been going crazy barking at something in the lot behind the house. It is fenced off from the part of the yard they run in but it still belongs to the owner of this house. I climbed the hill to see if I could see anyone or anything. I saw a quick movement than nothing else. I figured it was a cat or a rabbit.

I was outside playing with the dogs when they all took off to the corner of the yard and started barking. I went over to see what they were barking at. It was a fox! I've never seen one alive...just road kill. And that one was just a baby. This one is about the size of Jack with a BUSHY tail with a ring of white at the end. He stopped running around and looked at me, then ran off and disappeared.

A couple of days ago, I decided that with the temperatures dropping again that I needed to bring in all the tomatoes that aren't already dead from the cold. So I picked about 15 pounds of mostly green tomatoes. I probably had to throw out about 100 pounds of tomatoes that went bad in the cold. Too bad. :o( You can lt them sit out and turn red but you run the risk of them rotting in the proccess since they already have a little frost damage. So since I have a lot of green tomatoes to use up and I've never used one in my life, I will be using this opportunity to find good recipes for green tomatoes as this month's challenge subject.


Valerie said...

Now that you live in the city you get a fox in your yard? Crazy! Too bad you couldn't get a photo. That sounds like a lot of green tomoatoes. I hope you do find some recipes that you two really like. Good job on your challenge report. I hope I can do mine today.

Stella said...

I've heard that fried green tomatoes are yummy, but I haven't tried them. Dad and I saw a fox once out near Traverse Ridge. It was scurrying across the road. Pretty cool! We had a great time visiting you. Miss you!

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