Saturday, November 1, 2008

Does anyone still trick or treat?

Adam and I got to talking on the 30th about Halloween. I informed Adam that we have never passed out candy on halloween. Our first year, we were driving back from Utah. Then all years since then, we've catered to our dogs who hate doorbells and people at doors and just turned out all the lights and watched a movie. Well, when Adam heard that, we were quickly on our way to the store for candy, a roll of caution tape, and some sort of cop like costume.

The costumes all were really cheap (not price, just cheaply made) so he got a t shirt and hat that says NYPD. Then we got 3 cheapish bags of candy and a roll of caution tape....oh and sidewalk chalk, almost forgot that.
Back at home, we took turns laying on the drveway and we outlined each other. Adam put up the caution tape across part of the driveway. He backed his Yukon partway into the grass facing the crime scene. He wrote on the Yukon's windows "Trick or treat here". He was really excited about the whole thing.

Then on Halloween, I set up two "bodies" under a sheet and made pools of really fake looking blood on the body outlines. When it got dark, Adam was going to turn on some of his Yukon's flashing lights.

I was thinking it would be great to tether the dogs up inside then maybe they would get desensitized to people at the door.

Well, I started dinner at around 6. No one had come yet. Adam went out to check the streets. Not a single light on but the street lights and no children to be seen. Not a single person came to our house. Adam was disappointed and I'm confused. Don't people still trick or treat?


Valerie said...

It looks like you went to a lot of work. Around here, the houses with special decorations like that get lots of visits. We went trick-or-treating and there were LOTS of kids out here. Sorry you went to all that work and didn't get to share it with trick-or-treaters. Maybe it was too realistic? No, I'm sure they would know it was for Halloween. Maybe it's just because you are at the end of the street before it hits the busy road. Strange you didn't get any. We definitely don't get as many knocks at this house as at our old neighborhood. Glad you could share your photos with us though!

chrisnallynkids said...

Trick-or-treating is big in my neighborhood. Next year y'all must fly to our house and hand out candy with us. And you can even go trick-or-treating with us. See!! Problem solved!!!!

Michael Mercer said...

Well I'm really enjoying it! I think it's AWESOME!!!! I heard that some people do trunk or treat now where all the church members park in a parking lot and kids go from trunk to trunk for safety reasons. If i was a kid and I saw your house I would have thought it was great!!!

Aaron Mercer said...

I can't believe no one came after all that work and creativity. We actually had a few visits this year, though mainly from teenagers too cool to dress up (though not cool enough to beg for candy, apparently).

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