Saturday, July 26, 2008

Alexander & Browns Canyons 7/25/08

What a ride this turned out to be! I haven't been so tired on a ride since my first ride. I took the bike trail. I shook everything and made each part of me that makes contact with the bike very sore and zapped the energy out of me. It didn't help that the sun was out and made the hottest day this year, it felt like. When I made it back to the pavement, I was so happy!! I didn't realize right away that I had no energy. I stopped at a gas station and sat in the shade while I ate an energy bar and drank a bottle of ice cold water. I got back on my way and it wasn't long before I wanted to just lay down and fall asleep. I climbed a couple of extremally steep and long hills but was rewarded with views of the Provo Canyon mountains and Jordanelle. Heading back up towards Browns Canyon,I ran into a moose who tried to chase me down but once she got on the road, she changed directions and crossed the road. Adam called so I laid down on the cement in the shade and couldn't find the energy to get up for about 30 minutes. I've never been so comfortable on cement in my life, even with the little rocks poking me in various places. I finally forced myself up and climbed into Browns Canyon. I made it to the top and once the downhill started I was feeling much better about being on the ride. Finally, a breeze and shade!!! It didn't take too long to get home after that. I love shade.

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Valerie said...

I didn't know you had a blog! I saw your link on Heather's blog. I just started one yesterday, but mine won't have adventures like yours. Lots of great photos here. No blog entry on the crash yet? :)

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