Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Park City with a group 5-28-08

I found this group on the internet. They are a group of touing cyclists which I have very much been wanting to do for years. This was their shakedown ride for a weekend self-supported ride to Jordanelle Reservoir that weekend. President Bush was in town that day and one of his support choppers was broken down in a field. We passed it not too long into the ride and we went to check it out. They were letting people walk inside of it while it was being repaired. Someone took our pictures for us. It was too crowded inside the helicopter so we continued on. The ride was only between 15-20 miles but I am not in the greatest shape and when I ride, I stop often to catch my breath. They only stopped a handful of times. By mile 10, I was feeling it! At the end of the ride, they invited me on their weekend trip. The people were alot of fun. I'm the one in the yellow jacket and white helmet in back.

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