Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winter warmth

Some years ago, I tried making a coat for Jack but it fit so horribly, even though I used a pattern, that I gave up.  I used the same pattern and made one for the dogs.  It fit just as horribly.  So I drafted my own pattern, slowly, as I went along.  They are identical except that Gretel's covers her chest and stomach but Hansel's only covers his chest.  Can't cover a male dogs stomach and keep a clean coat.  I had to patch Hansel's right away after he gnawed on it.  Then the next day, he destroyed his.  *SIGH*  A waste of a weekend day!  Gretel still has hers but he takes it off of her.  Grrr!  He is such a menace.  But I still think they are really cute coats.  


Anonymous said...

They look dapper!

Valerie said...

I think they look good and I'd think they'd prefer to stay warm. That's a lot of work to have them ripped off or ripped apart. 605

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