Thursday, May 31, 2012

A little update

I take a break from blogging and I come back to find that blogger has changed everything and I'm not sure what I'm doing now.  I am not back to blogging.  I sill have too much to do but I thought I'd update you. 

Aren't these flowers beautiful?!  A friend gave them to me on Sunday.  Summer is definitely in full swing here.  

We are still working on our yard.  Though it was torn out completely, we are putting it back together the way we want, piece by piece.  I currently have 3 7'x14' garden beds with one more on the way this year and next year I will be getting 4 more.  Adam and his dad and friends spread the road base for our new driveway that goes up to the main level which will be so nice!  We'll be able to unload our groceries next to the kitchen instead of having to make 3 trips up the stairs with full loads.  He also put it in between my garden beds.  There is a space for my blueberry and blackberry bushes between the driveway and garden walkways.  He also put in a privacy berm toward the front which is supported by a rock wall.  Nothing is planted in the berm yet but it has been raked out nicely and we have the mulch to spread on it.  Perhaps I'll have time for pics next time.  

Also, we still have the 2 foster puppies, Hansel and Gretel.  They are cute little devils.  lol  They have an abundance of energy.  Our dogs are coping as well as can be expected.  Actually, better than I thought.  They still can't meet which makes things interesting for us but it is manageable.  However, having my life back once they find a home will be very nice.  

I am working with the stake camp director for girl's camp this year.  I am helping with certification.  My meeting lasted until 10 PM the other night.  That was a very long day!  Should be the longest meeting though.  

My diet is going well.  I am still sugar free, dairy free, gluten free and pretty much vegan.  Adam is none of those things so I generally cook two different meals most nights...although we had Hawaiian haystacks tonight and I made myself a different sauce but otherwise, it was the same meal.  I gained back a few pounds after getting home.  I still can't figure out why.  But I am still under my original goal weight at least.  

And last, but not least, I have started biking again.  I don't get to go too often but I am trying to get out once a week at least.  I am going to start riding with a church member who was hit last fall by a car while riding.  He used to be very fast but he is finally starting to heal (broken ribs) so he isn't as fast as he was before the accident.  We're going to get in shape together.  

My ankle (which I sprained when I was in Utah) is finally beginning to heal..  I haven't been able to walk the dogs and they are a little stir crazy...luckily though, it's summer and they are too hot to get much exercise they're not missing out on as much as they would if it were winter.  

This picture is from my most recent bike ride.  

I hope all is going well for you.  I hope to be back to blogging someday.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Well, I am happy your are so busy and doing so much to your yard and camp and biking...etc! Just enjoy yourself and don't worry about blogging. I am trying to discipline myself to just blog once a week. And I admire your diet...I hope it rubs off on me, your example. love,andrea

Valerie said...

Those flowers are so beautiful!!! You are always so busy. I hope the camp stuff has some fun in it with all the hard work and late nights.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiff:o)
I know, you are an athlete in your bike riding! My kids laugh at me when I ride...ha.
But the freedom you feel is liberating! Today we went and bought yet another rabbit. They are cute and easy. Enjoy your biking and camp! love,andrea

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