Wednesday, April 4, 2012

spring is here

With the arrival of spring, I have been super busy readying my yard for another year as well as actually biking more now that there are more day light hours. Well, I have been too busy for the last 2 weeks to even think about it but I have been on several spring bike rides. Anyway, my point is while a lot has been happening, I don't often get to get on my computer to update things. Spring in Georgia is truly a magical time! Around every corner is another feast for the eyes. Here are some shots I've gotten this spring.

Our apple tree.

Our next door neighbor's dogwood tree.

Part of my winter garden that is still hanging around.

A line of cherry trees up the hill from us. hree days after this shot, all the blossoms had fallen off and turned brown. :o(

This was taken on a bike ride...about 15 minutes from home.

Sunset in our yard.

The pear tree that covers half of our front yard. I love it for two weeks a year (while it's in bloom)...then I hate it the rest of the year. It's already lost all it's blooms.

Another of the apple tree...and the house. I really like this pic. It makes it looks like we have a really nicely manicured yard. lol (That couldn't be further from the truth at this precise moment.)

That's the pear tree while it was still in bloom, in my yard. The pine and other trees are in the backyard but tower over the house.

Same pear tree.

I hope you are having, or will have, a colorful, wonderful, magical spring as well!


Heather and Thomas Mann said...

it looks so beautiful! we will have to come for a visit in the spring... or fall. Georgia looks lovely in those seasons. love you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiff:o)!
I'm back...yes, me the indecisive! your yard looks so pretty in the spring! I bet you will be getting quite warm now! love,andrea

Anonymous said...

Hi again! You are busy! Glad you stopped,andrea

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