Sunday, July 5, 2009


Well, I am really tired and can't find the motivation to do anything that doesn't require sitting. I was woken up this morning by four big paws jumping all over me. I slept in. It was 6:54 AM. Tucker was wide awake and ready to start his day.

This long weekend has been tough on me. I stayed up too late on Friday night because we went on a double date with Barry & Lanette and saw UP. It was a good movie. But it ended at 12 something. I went to bed after getting the dogs all settled for the night. It was 1 at that point. That is by far the latest I have been up since moving here.

Then I woke up before 7 because I heard Tucker chewing on Jasmine's collar. He kept pulling it off her neck so I finally left it off her and set it on the hearth. The tags on it were tinkling together so when I heard that, I knew it was time to get out of bed to keep Tucker in line. We went for a walk (all 5 of us). After that and a good breakfast, he was fast he is now.

I spent the afternoon and evening at Katie and Aaron's. We had bbq ribs and lots of sides. It was good. I taught them "graces". We played too long and left an hour later than we were planning on. We had hoped to get back before too much of the traffic started in the towns gathering for the firework displays. Really, the dogs are scared of fireworks so we needed to be home anyway.

Adam made it out to their house for a couple of hours. He was on call and ended up getting a call when he was only 10 miles from their house and then he got another one not too long before the rest of us left.

Back at home, our neighbors were shooting off rockets. We could see the light and colors through the sky lights. I took the dogs out to be in it. I played with anyone who was brave enough to come off the deck. Tucker was nervous about it at first but quickly forgot about the blasting and played. So maybe he will grow up fine with the fireworks and gun shots. Poor Bear was huddled behind the toilet. It's not an easy place to get into but he managed it. When Adam came home, he laid under Adam's legs for comfort and protection.

Again, I went to bed around 1. Now I am TIRED! I need to take a nap or get to bed very early tonight so I can be awake through the work week.


Heather and Thomas Mann said...

Wow! Sounds fun... but tiring! I feel your pain. I am tired more often than not these days ;)

Stella Andes said...

Sounds like you need a vacation from all that craziness! You can come see us! (I know, you really can't.) Love you! I hope you get more rest this week.

Valerie said...

How fun to get together with family you haven't seen in a while! I hope you have had a chance to get a little more sleep by now.

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