Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ride into the wind

That's what Jasmine and I did last night. There's always this thought in the back of my mind that the wind is good because once I turn around to go home, it will push me back faster than I am able to pedal on my own so it's worth it in the end. (But that doesn't make it any easier on my knees.)

I can't seem to get started early enough to get over ten miles with Jasmine but today we did it. We went 15 miles! I know it doesn't sound like something I'd be happy about but I was very happy to make it finally.

There were two pastures next to each other. In the first pasture, the 3 horses ran from across the field to see us. Jasmine was curious so I walked over to the fence with her where she sniffed them over and over. The next pasture had 5 horses that had come over to the fence as well but as soon as we were in front of them, they all took off. Jasmine just watched them as they went crazy, almost crashing into each other a few times.

I thought I was slow when I bike by myself, it was fast compared to this. We went 14.92 miles and it took us 3 & 1/2 hours! Jasmine got a couple of rests in the trailer on the way out. I made myself pull her for 15 minutes so she could get a good rest but I really had a hard time figthing the headwind and going uphill with the 80 lbs being towed behind me (Jasmine & the trailer). I pushed through it and the rest did amazingly for her. I pulled her out. We sat and had some snacks and water. When we started our ride, we had 3 hours until sunset. I had lost track of time and when I looked at the clock, it was about 15 minutes until sunset. We turned around and headed back. I was stressing about being in the dark for an hour. I was beating myself up about losing track of time. I turned on the rear blinky light (the only light I had with me) and we went.

Maybe Jasmine felt my stress, or maybe the rest was the key but Jasmine just took off running and pretty much didn't stop until I put her in the trailer for a downhill a couple of miles later. I went until the next uphill was too much and let her out again. She ran her heart out again. I think she ran another couple of miles. A cop drove by and I was worried I was going to get a ticket for not enough lights...some states will actually do that... but he just drove on by.

watching the sunset

The sun was down and the red had already faded from the sky. Darkness was really closing in and I could only see the road when cars' headlights lit the road for me. But by that point, we had already made it to the best shoulder in the world so I was no longer stressed about it. Jasmine quit running but was trotting at a prety good pace.

Before long, I could see the stop light where our car was parked. I had to go to the bathroom SOOOOO bad over half the time we were out. I was so happy to use the restroom at the gas station the car was parked aat. I asked for permission to bring Jasmine in so I wouldn't have to leave her alone out there. The cashier told me to quickly sneak her in and out and it would be ok. So I did.

Jasmine actually found the dirt shoulder on this ride. I haven't been able to entice her to walk in it before. She doesn't like getting dirty or wet. But, I think it must have finally hit her that it feels nicer than asphalt. She actually used it most of the ride out which helped out so I could ride closer to the edge of the road, out of traffic. However, when running, she still prefers the asphalt.

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Valerie said...

In that last one of Jasmine, you can't see the sun, but you can tell it's sunset by the pretty hue in the photo.

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