Thursday, August 9, 2012

and another week...trying to stay on top of it all

So here is more of a peek into my days recently.  

Homemade salsa using tomatoes from my garden.

Walnut "meat" using walnuts, cumin, coriander and tamari (a wheat free soy sauce).  I used it for a few different things.

Here's one dish I used the "meat" in.  It just steamed green beans (from my garden), homemade tomato sauce and walnut meat.  

Here's an occassional treat I enjoy.  It's a frozen banana, cocoa, peanut butter and almond milk.  I also make this into ice cream by using less milk.  I really enjoy it but Adam couldn't stand it.  

I was weeding the carrots and accidentally pulled these two little guys.  They're so tiny!!

Here are all the different tomatoes (the full sized ones at least) I am growing.  L-R: German Queen, Black Krim, Beefsteak, Cherokee Purple and Big Rainbow.  They are all heirloom varieties.  My favorites are the Cherokee purples and the black krims.  

My crock with pickles fermenting in it.  I had to throw out an entire crock full.  I messed up and it molded.  Yuck!  This is the second crock full.

The crape myrtle in the evening light.

My flower garden has only marigolds and petunias so far.  I LOVE seeing them when I pull up each day.  

Here's an eggplant bloom.  

A purple carrot.  I love the contrast.  I planted a mix of colors (purple, red, orange and yellow).

All my cucumbers cut and ready to start fermenting.

The marigolds really remind me of my childhood as we had a lot of them and my grandma did as well.  I love smelling them.

And I get to see some of the Olympics now...Adam hooked up the antennae a few days ago.  However, it's making me stay up even later than I already have been.  No good.  But I am glad I get to see it.  I have finally given up on my Olympic dreams.  lol  I am to old and I know it...not to mention I don't put in the training I would need.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Everything looks so nice! You must've had good rain. The crepe myrtle is in bloom all over here too. (I never saw one growing up in western pa.) Your canning looks good...the hamburger and green beans meal look like something I have made...the milkshake looks good....I just had to order under warranty another jar for my blend tec...the blade keeps getting tight and I don't immerse it in water or anything, I'm very careful cleaning it!

I like your heirloom varieties. Yes, the mini carrots are cute! love,andrea

My simple life said...

love all the photos!!!! your flowers are gorgeous.Your canning looks good!
hamburger and beans are my favorite.
great blog have you.
greetings from germany,

Heather and Thomas Mann said...

wow! lots of cool varities from your garden. Looks like you've been busy.

Heather and Thomas Mann said...

I am amazed by all your projects! wonder woman!

Tiff :o) said...

Andrea, I had to replace my jar as well. The guy said that you should put hot water in it and twist the blade before each use. I try to remember but I don't always.

Thank you, Regina!

Seems like I don't get much done. I mean, I get stuff done but it's stuff that has to get done again the next day again like cleaning the house, dishes, taking care of dogs, gardening, work, cooking. So thanks for the compliment, Heather.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I agree with you...about the dogs and furniture. When my kids were little, I had just old furniture. If I had to do it over, I definitely would do the same, or just buy something that wipes off :)
It is not worth the worry to live that way. We once had white carpeting, luckily it was downstairs in our rec room. Dumb idea to have white!

Anonymous said...

Now I just read all your other comments! ha. I have to learn to not just read one at a time! I'm making soap again today!! no calories...ha...I can't eat it...that is why I like it. love,andrea

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am "retiring" again from blogging! I am sorry to be so fickle, but I feel the need to simplify my life mentally. I will keep your blog address in case I come back, and let you know!

I love all of your business....canning, fermenting, gardening, remodeling (your home and yard) and your dogs! love,andrea

Anonymous said...

Oh, regarding the Blentec blender. After I got the 2nd new jar, my display screen started constantly flickering and sometimes I couldn't see it, it didn't light up. So, I figured it might have some sort of electrical problem.

I took it back to Costco and they refunded my money and I bought a Vitamix! Good old Costco! So I guess I'm a vitamix fan now. I have smoothies once or twice a day...I am so addicted still! :)

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