Sunday, July 1, 2012


Just a quick post here as I am falling asleep.  We have been working on integrating the puppies in order to get things slightly back to normal around here.  The efforts are paying off.  Tucker absolutely loves Hansel...well both of them but Hansel is the player and Tuck really likes to play.  Gretel has injured her leg so she mostly just lays there (she's going to the vet on Monday).  But almost 24 hours a day, you can hear Tucker and Hansel having a great time.

It may not look like it, but they're just playing.  

The picture is horrible but I thought it was fun anyway.  All 4 were running around in circles chasing each other.

Tucker lays with Gretel sometimes.  He likes her too.

I was on my computer one evening and this is what I was surrounded by.  They make it really hard for me to make my sprained ankle comfortable sometimes.

Bear has made me so proud!  I thought for sure he'd eat one of the puppies but he has been on his best behavior.  He has growled at them a few times but I think he realizes that they're little and can't take the punishments he gives to Jack and Tucker.  He doesn't like them by any stretch of the imagination but he has been a good boy.

I just thought this pic was really funny.  He's not really inside Tucker's mouth.  ;o)

All 6 together.  Sometimes it seems like there are 12 dogs in the house while others, it doesn't seem like anymore than we had before.

Pretty puppies all in a row.  It was over 100 degrees today and the dogs lazed about all day.

So there you have's about all I could muster.  I took a lot of cool pics today...and in the last few weeks but I can never quite find the time upload them.


Heather and Thomas Mann said...

Wow! a house full of dogs... and love! they are all very cute!

Andrea Bees and Buttercups said...

I wish my 3 rabbits would get along good like that! I have to keep them separated!

I love it when my dog is sleeping...looks so cute...come to think of was the same with my,andrea

Andrea Bees and Buttercups said...

Hi Tiff:o)
Nope...our rabbits are all males and they bite and spray each the is not like they are confined together...(but they do that if we put them in the same cage also). And it is not just their age...2 are 6 mos of age and one 9'd thing the young'uns would get along!

You would not like my pickle recipe because it has so much sugar! Maybe next time I will try a different recipe.


Us said...

You're house looks like it's even busier than mine!! Looks like fun though!

Andrea Bees and Buttercups said...

Hi. I agree with you...I don't like air conditioning. My daughter and I were discussing how we feel so "closed in" having it on. It really frustrates me. I didn't have any growing up either. But in DE, it seems everyone has always had it. (very humid here). Some of my kids have those big ceiling fans. They feel wonderful. I love putting a fan in our bedroom windows when we turn off the air conditioning...the evening air is so nice. that is funny your dog jack barks at you to move his bowl,andrea

Andrea Bees and Buttercups said...

Hi...ha...yes red skelton is from ages ago! I am old enough to remember him...the good old days!

it is fun to think of what color to paint a door...i couldn't decided between red and blue. love,andrea

Andrea Bees and Buttercups said... that is alot of canning...if I did that much, I think I would need a special kitchen! love,andrea

Andrea Bees and Buttercups said...

Hi Tiff:o)
You have alot of good ideas...if only others thought like you! love,andrea

Andrea Bees and Buttercups said...

Hi! Dog hair is a problem here too. Luckily, when I was in h.s., I had a job cleaning a beauty salon on weekends, so I am used to cleaning up hair!

Wild blueberries are the most healthy. We buy them frozen at costco. I made the cake with fresh berries from costco though, and they were surprisingly tart ....I like tart ones. love,andrea

Andrea Bees and Buttercups said...

Hi Tiff:o)
Hopefully soon you will get a ton of tomatoes! Wow...that is alot of plants. At first, I was afraid I wouldn't get any...I was wondering if the buds were being pollinated (or whatever). Here is what the Ball company rep answered me:
"The Basil-Garlic Tomato Sauce on page 74 in the Ball Blue Book requires that the puree be strained to remove seeds and peel. It is important to remain true to the tested recipe because otherwise we wouldn’t know how the ingredients would react in various ways. We would not recommend skipping the step." love,andrea

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