Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I recently got some pics from the bike tour in September that others had taken.

We had pulled into our campground in Moab and Cheryl decided she was going to trat us to dessert that night for out birthdays. Rod and I celebrated birthdays on (or right after) the ride. She bought a cheesecake for us to share. I had already had my fill of dinner but made room for cheesecake.

I really don't like that pic above! I look drugged. We had already pedaled over 200 miles that week and my allergies were making my eyes swollen somewhat closed.

This is just after I pulled into camp outside of Monticello. That's me standing in the back. I hadn't even had a chance to shower yet...but notice everyone else is clean and relaxing. I am just that much slower. But hey, it's about the journey. I don't mind being slower because I'm savoring the scenery.

This is when we just got started. I'm the one with the blue bag on the right. We rode together for the first part of the day while we navigated some confusing dirt roads.

I was just finishing a climb over cock's comb. It was a tough climb but not as bad as it appeared it would be when we came around the corner.

These trips are so much fun! I'm a little sad I won't be doing it this year but it's time for a break from that this fall. Day rides, close to home will have to suffice.


Valerie said...

I like the photos where you can see the blue sky and it's all warm. I sure can't wait for that! I woke up to snow today and there is a bitterly cold wind blowing through.

I think that photo of you looks fun, even if you're eyes are swollen. I couldn't tell.

Heather and Thomas Mann said...

Sorry you won't be going this year. But hopefully we will see you anyway! fun to see your pics and hear hyour memories.

Us said...

You're pretty tough! I make room for cheesecake no matter what. :)

Tiff :o) said...

Jared, the next day I was going to have to carry all the rest of my food and I wasn't looking forward to it so I stuffed myself to the gills, then I went around the campground giving away any food that I didn't need for the next day. Normally, I would have no problem making room for cheesecake but there was truly no room. I was lucky I didn't puke after that.

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